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Santana Moss

Broken hand for Santana Moss. Anthony Armstrong and Jabar Gaffney stand to benefit the most.

Well, I apologize for no Stock Watch article for week 8. I was under the weather and needed a break. But, good news is I feel better today and I have some great questions from the readers. Really enjoy getting so many questions each week as they give me unique opportunities to analyze different situations. Half of the questions I get are extremely in-depth and very situation dependent. The ones that aren’t are used for this article as the long ones would just be too much reading. This week surprisingly didn’t have too many common questions. The most asked about player was Jabar Gaffney but even he had limited questions.

So I am under the assumption week 8 is a boring week in comparison to week 7. Good news, I think. Let’s jump into those questions for week 8!

Heath Miller or Jake Ballard at TE? – BigHurtPR
I like Ballard this week. Miami is a pretty embarrassing football team and possession is going to be the name of the game. But in all honesty, both are decent plays this week, just giving the edge to Ballard.

I have Blount, Tolbert, Steven Jackson, and Peyton Hillis – Are any of these worth Dropping for Brandon Jacobs who is a free agent in my league? It is a ppr league – Nick
Jacobs isn’t worth adding. Bradshaw may have worked the system in New York to where he has even more snaps then usual when Jacobs returns. You just have to wait and see if there is any value in him before you give up someone valuable for him. So just sit on the guys you have and worry about the bye-week when it happens.

So you think Michael Jenkins is worth more than Torrey Smith?
Actually, yeah. It’s tough to judge if Ponder is going to stay this good but if he does Jenkins actually has some value.

Hey Bro! Would you start BGE or Gore this week? BGE vs Pittsburgh, Gore vs Cleveland. Thanks bro! – Martin
Definitely Gore. Start your studs every week even if the match-up is a bit off. Pittsburgh is still a good defense, not the best anymore, but not a favorable match-up by any means.

What do you think about me trading Jonathan Stewart for Marshawn Lynch and Colt McCoy? – Isaac
It’s alright. Rather have J. Stew over either considering Lynch isn’t exactly a lock to be healthy this season (back injuries don’t go away) and McCoy hasn’t been anything special, just average at best.

Would you take Torrey Smith over Reggie Wayne this week? Thanks. – Shane
Yes I would. Really like Smith this week. My guess this is that he will have his final ‘breakout’ game this year. This isn’t a traditional safe pick, but it isn’t like Reggie Wayne is going to give you a great fantasy day anyways.

Greetings, who do I start: Pierre Thomas or Mark Ingram (at STL)… (non PPR)? – Alberto
Still sticking with Ingram in non-PPR leagues. Thomas more a higher value in PPR formats but Ingram should get the bulk of the carries and, in theory, goal line situation priority.


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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is back. Expect a huge turnaround this week.

Strange week. Lot’s of injuries and bye-weeks. Either you are scrambling to put together a team or you are just hoping to stay healthy this week, the season is only half over (for fantasy). Let’s take a look at the ‘Wednesday Countdown’ where I list:

  • 5 Studs
  • 4 Duds
  • 3 Sleepers
  • 2 Deep Sleepers and
  • 1 Food for Thought
  1. Eli Manning
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Chris Johnson (seriously)
  5. Anquan Boldin
  1. Fred Jackson – Against one the NFL’s best rushing defenses, the Bills are going to pass early and often and I would be surprised if Jackson eclipses 17-18 touches.
  2. Frank Gore – Cleveland has only allowed two rushing touchdowns to opposing backs all season.
  3. Dwayne Bowe – He has been inconsistent since he has been in the league and this is going to be a down week. San Diego only has given up two touchdowns to opposing receivers outside of last weeks game where Burress scored three times. That won’t happen again.
  4. Jimmy Graham – This call could end up looking genius if I am right. I am assuming Brees will have a big day but the beneficiaries will be Colston, Sproles, and Meachem. St. Louis plays tight ends well and this could be Grahams worst week of the season.
  1. Matt Hasselbeck – Indianapolis is awful. Big day for the Titans ahead.
  2. Demaryius Thomas – After a week to get acclimated with the offense, Thomas will be unleashed. Hope you picked him up before he gets hot.
  3. Reggie Bush – His name doesn’t sound like he can be called a sleeper but everyone has about given up no him. Expect him to turn it around against an awful Giants defense.
Deep Sleepers
  1. Alfonso Smith – With Beanie Wells likely out in week 8, Smith stands to receive a huge boost in workload. Expecting 15 touches is reasonable this weekend.
  2. Daniel Fells – With Tebow being Tebow, he is going to need close targets to be successful. Fells is the first TE on the depth chart for the Broncos and he has shown he can make Tebow look brilliant. He isn’t a must start but he could make you look smart by heeding this advice.
Food for Thought
  1. The most underrated aspects of fantasy football is the concept of ‘guaranteed touches’. When I get the large list of questions each day, the phrase I try and include is ‘guaranteed touches’. With said touches, you help yourself out with more chances for big plays. If a player is only going to touch the ball five times a game, his fantasy value is limited. This is why fantasy analysts constantly recommend running backs over receivers, they simply touch the ball more. So when deciding between Mike Tolbert and Steve Breaston, just remember, Tolbert will have more guaranteed touches.
Stud: More then 15 points
Dud: Less then 10 points
Sleeper: More then 8 points
Deep Sleeper: More then 6 points

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Week 8 Byes: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Jets, Raiders, Buccaneers

Christian Ponder – QB

Christian Ponder

His mobility alone makes him a fantasy asset. After you mix in his accuracy he becomes a viable fantasy player during bye-weeks. Hopefully he has Percy Harvin to throw to if not Michael Jenkins becomes ‘the guy’ as well as Visanthe Shiancoe.

John Beck – QB

John Beck

This is just a match-up play. Buffalo ranks 29th in the league against the pass but Beck will be without Santana Moss the only real receiving threat the Redskins have. Thankfully he will still have Fred Davis to his disposal. Good news is that Beck is almost a guarantee to be available in your league. Expect 10-15 points.

DeMarco Murray – RB

DeMarco Murray

Don’t expect him to rack up over even 100 yards a week but here comes another favorable match-up. Felix Jones is unlikely to be back and Tashard Choice shouldn’t steal too many touches as long as Murray continues to show dominance.

Maurice Morris – RB

Maurice Morris

Touch call on this one but seeing as Jahvid Best is still dealing with concussion issues Morris likely gets the start against the Broncos. Expect Morris and Kelland Williams to split carries with Morris getting about 60% of the touches.

Torrey Smith – WR

Torrey Smith

I’ve said all along Torrey Smith is a match-up play and he has the best match-up this season against the Cardinals who rank 31st in the league against opposing receivers. Strong potential for 100 yards and a touchdown in this one.

Demaryius Thomas – WR

Demaryius Thomas

Not so much for this week but for the rest of the season. With Brandon Lloyd gone and Eric Decker getting all the attention (for now) from defenses Demaryius Thomas is a deep threat waiting to happen. We all know how Tim Tebow makes poor decisions but that actually benefits physical receivers. Once Thomas and Tebow improve their chemistry it is entirely possible he becomes the go to guy.

Jeremy Shockey – TE

Jeremy Shockey

He has been arguably the most consistent tight end this season. He has at least three catches in every game but one but no more than four in any. He is a lock for about four catches and fifty yards.

Heath Miller – TE

Heath Miller

Great match up this week for Miller as the Patriots are severely lacking at the linebacker position. Expect Miller to have another 5-7 catch day with a strong possibility for a touchdown. One of the better times this year to use Miller.


Kicker pick-up of the week: John Kasay

D/ST pick-up of the week: Texans

Other Potential Pick-ups: Matt Cassel (QB), Matt Hasselbeck (QB), Montario Hardesty (RB), Michael Bush *BYE* (RB), Steve Breaston (WR), Doug Baldwin (WR), Damian Williams (WR), Jake Ballard (TE), Ed Dickson (TE)

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