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Howard Dean

BYAH: Throwing in ones towel in a political election after having five too many drinks.

Continuing the trend of trying new things here I have made the executive decision (it wasn’t overturned by the way) to not only list players who have a rising stock, but those who have a declining stock. This is, the week 7 stock watch for Daily Fantasy Football. BYAH.

Tony Romo
Tony Romo – QB | UP

The Cowboys should have beaten the Patriots but there was some bad play calling at the end. Romo will have a fantastic week against the Rams proving he is still an elite quarterback.

Eli Manning
Eli Manning – QB | DOWN

After three consecutive weeks of great production Manning was useless in week 6 as a fantasy player. His inconsistency makes him a difficult start from week to week.

Earnest Graham
Earnest Graham – RB | UP

Is Graham the next coming of Christ in Tampa Bay? Probably not, but he sure makes them forget about LaGarrette Blount.

Dexter McCluster
Dexter McCluster – RB | DOWN

Well the hype is gone and the job is Jackie Battles. Keeping McCluster on your fantasy team is a personal choice but he has no real purpose anymore.

Greg Little
Greg Little – WR | UP

With one game as a ‘starter’ under his belt he backed up all the pre-week chatter and he is very much a real fantasy asset moving forward.

Denarius Moore
Denarius Moore – WR | DOWN

His production has literally disappeared. His only hope is that Carson Palmer brings a complete change to the team.

Fred Davis
Fred Davis – TE | UP

Davis was already getting a lot of looks but with Cooley out his looks are only going to go up and nothing is more important to a new QB then a tight end.

Scott Chandler
Scott Chandler – TE | DOWN

He has 8 catches in his last five games. Time to cut ties with the early waiver wire favorite.

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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is the poor man's Cam Newton.

The way this week has worked out has certainly benefited those who had been most affected by bye-weeks. Names like DeMarco Murray, Montario Hardesty, Tim Tebow, Jackie Battle, and Eric Decker certainly have the potential to save your week. However, this isn’t a waiver wire pick-up article but what I like to call my ‘Wednesday Countdown’ where I list:

  • 5 Studs
  • 4 Duds
  • 3 Sleepers
  • 2 Deep Sleepers and
  • 1 Food for Thought
I will be keeping track of my stats on a weekly basis.
  1. Tony Romo
  2. Darren McFadden
  3. Matt Forte
  4. Ray Rice
  5. Miles Austin
  1. Jason Witten – For everything the Ram’s don’t do they make up for in tight-end coverage. St. Louis is the number one ranked defense against the position meaning Tony Romo will likely be airing it out to Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.
  2. Vincent Jackson – Revis Island and he is @NYJ.
  3. Larry Fitzgerald – Steelers secondary is still elite and Kolb has been a big disappointment all year.
  4. Steven Jackson – Dallas hasn’t given up more then 84 yards, on the ground, this year.
  1. Jackie Battle – Oakland has a porous rushing defense and he looks to be the workhorse in Kansas City.
  2. Steve Breaston – He has emerged as a solid number two. In case you can’t tell, I believe in the Chiefs this week @ Oakland.
  3. DeMarco Murray – Dallas is going to ground and pound it in the second half after they go up big on St. Louis; the Rams have had little success stopping the run at all giving up over 130 yards on the ground in four out of fives games.
Deep Sleepers
  1. Damian Williams – His redzone targets have gone up which is a product of teams covering Nate Washington. Williams could easily get 4 catches for 80 yards and a touchdown this week against a Mario Williams-less Texans defense.
  2. Christian Ponder – Welcome to the NFL Christian Ponder. Your first task, the Green Bay Packers. Good news for fantasy owners as he will likely be playing catch-up the entire game. I foresee a lot of dump offs to Shiancoe and Peterson.
Food for Thought
  1. What happens when Tim Tebow fails? Rumors at the start of the season were that Tebow was 4th on the Broncos depth chart (behind Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, and undrafted rookie QB Adam Weber). Clearly the Broncos were on to something but it is time to find out how right they were. Putting your fantasy season in the hands of a barely viable NFL quarterback could come back to haunt you. The decision to stick with Tebow will either really hurt you or at the most keep you in matches; make no mistake, Tim Tebow will not win you matches from week to week. In my mind, Tim Tebow is roughly the 10th most valuable fantasy quarterback going forward. So odds are if you picked him up Tebow is your guy. Good luck to those that are going to stick it out with Tebow, I’m rooting for you.
Stud: More then 15 points
Dud: Less then 10 points
Sleeper: More then 8 points
Deep Sleeper: More then 6 points

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Results (weekly | yearly)
Studs: 2/5 | (5/10)
Duds: 1/4 | (3/8)
Sleepers: 1/3 | (3/6)
Deep Sleepers: 0/2 | (0/4)
Alright so yeah. Last week was pretty bad for me. Feeling confident about my picks this week.

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Week 7 could be the most painful of all the bye-weeks this season. So many big names are sitting this week and it is all but a certainty you are here because your team needs some fill-ins, fast. Well I have good news, there are some fantastic names on the waiver wire this week due to injuries and trades and they can be plugged into your line-up ASAP with high confidence. The more stars the better!

Week 7 Byes: Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, 49ers

Tim Tebow – QB

Tim Tebow

If you need a quarterback and Tim Tebow is still available in your league this is an absolute no-brainer. What he lacks in quarterback stats he more then makes up for in running. He is all but a guarantee for 50-60 yards and a score every week on the ground in addition to his throwing, which is poor at best sometimes. Tebow is the poor mans Cam Newton or Michael Vick right now. Don’t forget Tebow was the MVP of last seasons fantasy playoffs.

Carson Palmer – QB

Carson Palmer

The world is coming to an end! Reports are slowly coming out that the Raiders are just a few signatures away from acquiring Palmer from the Bengals. The outlook for the Raiders have never been more promising and Palmer is a huge add this week assuming he passes all physicals.

DeMarco Murray – RB

DeMarco Murray

It is looking more and more like Felix Jones is going to be out for at least this Sundays game. Dallas plays the winless Rams who are 28th in the league in run defense. Between Murray and Tashard Choice, Murray looks like the more explosive and elusive back and could easily post top-15 numbers this week, if not better.

Montario Hardesty – RB

Montario Hardesty

With the uncertainty if Peyton Hillis is going to play this week, for whatever reason, Hardesty stands to take over his roll. Throughout the season you could easily make the case Hardesty has looked better then Hillis making this switch easier to trust. I would slightly recommend Murray over Hardesty (for one we don’t know if Hillis will play) but only until we have clarity over both cases.

James Jones – WR

James Jones

I don’t like recommending Jones, but it is hard to argue his recent production. However, he had one catch last week. It is impossible to predict from game to game if he will even have a catch let alone touchdowns, which is needed for him to have a fantasy relevant day. If you are in a deeper league, or feeling lucky, give Jones a look.

Greg Little – WR

Greg Little

We could finally have a fantasy relevant wide receiver in Cleveland. Greg Little was plugged into the starting line-up in week 6 and he looked great. Going forward he could easily move his way into WR2 status. During a bye-week he is almost a must-start in all leagues 10 teams or more.

Benjamin Watson – TE

Benjamin Watson

Yes, I am extremely bothered by how many Browns I am recommending, this bye-week is very painful. However, his recommendation is simply based on how little tight ends there are to choose from this week. After Watson the only other possible names are Heath Miller, and Fred Davis. Both of them are owned in most leagues. Watson has been hit or miss since last year but he is easily capable of a touchdown every week and he faces a below average Seattle defense.


Kicker pick-up of the week: Dan Bailey

D/ST pick-up of the week: Titans

Other Potential Pick-ups: Curtis Painter (QB), Tashard Choice (RB), Delone Carter (RB), Kevin Walter (WR), Steve Breaston (WR), Devin Hester (WR), Visanthe Shiancoe (TE), Heath Miller (TE)

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Back to the bullet points list as that seemed to be the favorable way from the limited feedback received. Pretty uninteresting night game, again, but some fantasy relevant events occurred.

Jets 24 – Dolphins 6

  • Reggie Bush looked much better then Daniel Thomas, but had four less touches.
  • Matt Moore clearly trusts Brandon Marshall enough to target him with Revis, can’t wait to see his stats without him.
  • Moore has strong pocket presence and is quite mobile.
  • Shonn Greene only had one more point then LT in PPR leagues but out rushed him by 50 yards on 14 more carries. Clearly Greene is the guy in New York.
  • Still no Plaxico Burress.
  • Mark Sanchez is still extremely inconsistent. One play he looks on his game, the next he misses by three yards.
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Kyle Boller

Kyle Boller could make any defense look elite. R.I.P. Oakland's playoff hopes.

So new concept I’m going with here. Instead of just recapping what happened and adding important notes for each game, I’m just going to list the notes for each game. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Falcons 31 – Panthers 17

  • Jonathan Stewart had a goal line carry (first of the year for any Panthers RB) and he scored. Good sign for Stewart and D. Williams owners.
  • Michael Turner proved he is still a stud (were concerns going into this game).
  • Atlanta needs Julio Jones to get the passing game going. Teams can double team Roddy White too easily.
  • DeAngelo Williams led the team in carries but Jonathon Stewart looked more explosive.
  • Cam Newton’s first bad fantasy day of his NFL career. He’s a rookie, it’s going to happen.
Bengals 27 – Colts 17
  • Assuming Cedric Benson is suspended, they are going to really miss him.
  • Jerome Simpson, too.
  • A. J. Greene isn’t just a rookie, he is an NFL super star in the making.
  • Pierre Garcon is still being targeted more often then Reggie Wayne.
  • Donald Brown should be the Colt’s second running back behind Joseph Addai but they haven’t figured that out yet.
49ers 25 – Lions 19
  • Calvin Johnson’s fantasy floor is over 100 yards.
  • Jahvid Best is not a work horse.
  • Brandon Pettigrew should be a top-10 TE going forward in standard leagues.
  • San Francisco really hates when Alex Smith throws the ball.
  • If Frank Gore stays healthy, and that is a big if, he could easily finish in the top three as a fantasy running back.
Packers 24 – Rams 3
  • James Jones had one catch, one. Don’t over react to his touch down.
  • Jordy Nelson doesn’t appear he will get a ton of looks but he makes the most of them.
  • Confirmation Starks is the running back in Green Bay to own.
  • St. Louis is awful.
  • Five Rams’ receivers had at least four catches.
Giants 27 – Bills 24
  • Fred Jackson = Buffalo’s chances.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw finally took advantage of being a work horse (three touchdowns).
  • Mario Manningham looked much better then Victor Cruz and was looked for more often.
  • Jake Ballard (TE) should be owned in at least 90% of leagues after this game.
Steelers 17 – Jaguars 13
  • Blaine Gabbert threw another touchdown. He has one in every game so far. How?
  • Jones-Drew is the only Jaguar you are starting. Ever.
  • Rashard Mendenhall must be 100% as he looked MVP like this game.
Eagles 20 – Redskins 13
  • LeSean McCoy seems like the safest bet, at RB, right now in fantasy.
  • Jeremy Maclin should be started over DeSean Jackson every week.
  • There is almost no chance Michael Vick plays even six more games this season. If I had stock, I would be selling.
  • Washington had a combined 42 rushing yards against probably the worst running defense in the NFL.
  • Tim Hightower had 0 touches.
Raiders 24 – Browns 17
  • Oakland’s season is probably over. Jason Campbell is out for the season and Kyle Boller is next on the depth chart. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit if you have stock in the Raiders passing game.
  • Do not pick-up Kyle Boller.
  • Darren McFadden doesn’t seem as explosive the past few weeks.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bey is the receiver to start if you felt inclined to still start someone.
  • The Greg Little hype was real. Don’t trust the Browns passing game though, Little is a flex play at best during bye-weeks.
  • Peyton Hillis was benched or has an injury, either way not good for his owners.
Ravens 29 – Texans 14
  • Houston needs Andre Johnson back, fast.
  • Jacoby Jones was alright, his stat line looked better then he played.
  • Foster and Tate are splitting the work load 60/40. Bad news for Foster owners.
  • Anquan Boldin showed up. Semi-buying it.
  • Joe Flacco hopefully hasn’t peaked, if he has his fantasy value is minuet.
Patriots 20 – Cowboys 16
  • Both Patriots tight ends are TE1 plays.
  • Green-Ellis is the back, not Ridley, if anyone had any questions on the matter.
  • Tom Brady looked human. Still a top-5 play.
  • Felix Jones is hurt. Murray and Choice were okay at best filling in.
  • Boy did the Cowboys miss Miles Austin.
  • Tony Romo isn’t to blame for this loss entirely, he had no run support.
Buccaneers 26 – Saints 20
  • Mark Ingram is ‘the guy’ for New Orleans in the back field but his fantasy value is really low.
  • Darren Sproles is still a PPR stud.
  • Marques Colston will win you match-ups if you held onto him.
  • Meachem and Henderson combined for two catches (one each).
  • Josh Freeman finally looked like 2010 Josh Freeman.
  • Earnest Graham is a must-start until Blount is back.
  • Mike Williams continues to tease fantasy owners. He still isn’t performing anywhere near his projected value.
Bears 39 – Vikings 10
  • Everyone is getting love in the Minnesota passing game but no one is getting starter points.
  • Christian Ponder came in for McNabb in the 2nd half. He may have a future in the NFL after all if he keeps progressing.
  • Chicago’s defense causes mismatches upfront.
  • It’s Devin Hester then no one on the Bears receiving order. Knox and Williams are barely ownable.
That’s it for the Sunday games. Let me know what you think!
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Stock Rising

A bit out of order this week. Let me know if you prefer Rising Stock or 7 Questions on Thursday. Both end up having an affect on Friday waiver-wire claims.

Rising Stock follows players who are gaining momentum in the fantasy world and are quickly gaining importance or become relevant in all fantasy formats. Guys on this list are not a must start by any means, use your best judgement. There is no set amount of players that will be on this list as it varies week by week.

Breaking News: LaGarrette Blount has a grade 2 MCL tear. Expect him out for quite awhile. Earnest Graham would be the immediate fill-in.

James Jones
James Jones

With touchdowns in back-to-back weeks (double digit fantasy points in both) James Jones has found a way to be productive in the NFL’s most explosive offense. Just two catches in the first two weeks hindered expectations of Jones but as of late he has become a strong play in deeper formats.

Doug Baldwin
Doug Baldwin
Seattle isn’t exactly a high-powered offense but with Tarvaris Jackson out at quarterback the receivers actually gain some relevance. The Seakhawks no longer have a run first quarterback. Charlie Whitehurst isn’t the worst quarterback in the league (he tries to be sometimes) and his arm is either equal to Jackson’s or slightly better. Doug Baldwin thrived in week 5 catching eight balls and a touchdown en route to leading his team in points.

Jackie Battle
Jackie Battle
With the lose of Jamaal Charles the Chiefs have been looking for their fill-in. Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster have been extremely ineffective and unable to produce much of anything on the ground. Enter Jackie Battle who had the best yards of any Chiefs rusher this year in week 5. His explosiveness isn’t that of an elite running back but he is a severe improvement to the situation in Kansas City.

Jake Ballard
Jake Ballard
Ballard has emerged as the teams receiving tight end with the loss of Kevin Boss in the off season. The Giants are distributing the ball around quite well and Ballard appears to be on pace to be a top-15 tight end by years end.

Dwayne Bowe
Dwayne Bowe
To put it ‘Blount’, Dwayne Bowe is back. The man, the myth, the legend has turned into what he was expected to be and is back into the must-start category.

Jason Avant
Jason Avant
Jason Avant is getting as many targets as Jeremy Maclin but half the love in the fantasy world. He has back-to-back weeks of six catches or more and deserves serious consideration during bye-weeks as he has pretty high upside.


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Kregg Lumpkin

The point I’d like to make is why no love for Kregg Lumpkin? Lumpkin is Tampa Bay’s back-up RB and is a work horse similar to Blount. He has a run-through-you style of play. Earnest Graham is expected to get a majority of the workload, but don’t be surprised if Mr. Lumpkin is a top-25 play this week.

Alright, and to those questions.

Do I keep Knowshow on the roster hoping he becomes a fantasy hero down the road, should the Jacksons fail me, or should I drop him for Battle. – Jeff
Well it appears Knowshon has lost the job for good. He will still get touches but closer to 5 a week then 20 which isn’t enough to be a valuable fantasy contributor. Jackie Battle has had one good game; personally I’m buying into him being a solid RB2 the rest of the season but he could turn out to be a bust. It’s frankly amazing the Chiefs can’t figure out how to use McCluster.

How do you feel about starting Schaub this week against Baltimore? – Trandoken
The weakness of the Baltimore defense is their secondary. It hasn’t truly showed yet but other then Ed Reed there aren’t any play makers so I would stick with Schaub.

Baldwin, Breaston, Heywerd-Bey, Gaffney, and Jenkins who should I add? – Chris-
This is probably the most common question all week for me. My order has been:

  1. DHB
  2. Baldwin
  3. Breaston
  4. Gaffney
  5. Jenkins

I believe in the upside of DHB as the most important factor when comparing him to the others.

Who should i start this week, Delone Carter vs CIN (If Addai can`t go) or DeAngelo Williams vs ATL? – Robert
Pretty simple decision for me, go with Williams. Atlanta’s defense leaves a lot to be had and Cincinnati is actually above average at stopping the run. In limited action Carter hasn’t looked strong anyways.

Would it be worth trading Sidney Rice for DeAngelo Williams? I’d like to improve at RB but unsure whether this would really do much other than assure I get points from Carolina’s highly inconsistent run game – Tom
I would absolutely make that trade. Going forward Rice has a really poor QB situation and now the emergence of Doug Baldwin.

Last week someone in my league gave up on Green-Ellis. I have 1st pick in waivers. Should I get him or Battle. Thanks. – Ron
Wow. Touch call. BJGE is attached to a better team but Battle has the best chance to be the ‘work horse’ of the group. I’d stick with BJGE as he at least has some proven games and Battle had the one. But if you are already deep at RB take a chance on Battle if you can afford to let him sit and have no expectations attached to him.

Would you drop Ridley for Montario Hardesty or *gulp* Ryan Grant? – Bruce
Well if you are completely thin at RB then you’d have to take a flyer on Ryan Grant. Earnest Graham and Kregg Lumpkin (both RB for TB) are interesting pick-ups this week as well to look into.


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