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Ray Rice fumbles

Too many fumbles in Monday nights game.

Going to spend as little time on this post as possible, this game was awful to watch and unless you were rooting for either of these teams you probably turned it off early in the second quarter when it was apparent neither team came to play.

Jaguars 12 – Ravens 7

Game Studs: N/A

  • Ray Rice had 8 carries in a game that called for a change of pace back. Something went terribly wrong with the Ravens play calling.
  • Joe Flacco regularly missed open targets and when he did find them they dropped the ball.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew carried the ball 30 times, more then half of the teams plays. Gotta love the amount of touches.
  • Jason Hill was clearly the receiver of choice for Blaine Gabbert. Mike Thomas was a no show.
  • Rice and Jones-Drew both had severe issues holding onto the ball. How hard is it to just put two hands on the ball?
  • Deji Karim got a decent amount of rushes but he looks like he has regressed from last year. No longer think he is a viable hand cuff.
Phew. Glad that’s over. Leave your thoughts on the weekend games in the comments!

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