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Santana Moss

Broken hand for Santana Moss. Anthony Armstrong and Jabar Gaffney stand to benefit the most.

Well, I apologize for no Stock Watch article for week 8. I was under the weather and needed a break. But, good news is I feel better today and I have some great questions from the readers. Really enjoy getting so many questions each week as they give me unique opportunities to analyze different situations. Half of the questions I get are extremely in-depth and very situation dependent. The ones that aren’t are used for this article as the long ones would just be too much reading. This week surprisingly didn’t have too many common questions. The most asked about player was Jabar Gaffney but even he had limited questions.

So I am under the assumption week 8 is a boring week in comparison to week 7. Good news, I think. Let’s jump into those questions for week 8!

Heath Miller or Jake Ballard at TE? – BigHurtPR
I like Ballard this week. Miami is a pretty embarrassing football team and possession is going to be the name of the game. But in all honesty, both are decent plays this week, just giving the edge to Ballard.

I have Blount, Tolbert, Steven Jackson, and Peyton Hillis – Are any of these worth Dropping for Brandon Jacobs who is a free agent in my league? It is a ppr league – Nick
Jacobs isn’t worth adding. Bradshaw may have worked the system in New York to where he has even more snaps then usual when Jacobs returns. You just have to wait and see if there is any value in him before you give up someone valuable for him. So just sit on the guys you have and worry about the bye-week when it happens.

So you think Michael Jenkins is worth more than Torrey Smith?
Actually, yeah. It’s tough to judge if Ponder is going to stay this good but if he does Jenkins actually has some value.

Hey Bro! Would you start BGE or Gore this week? BGE vs Pittsburgh, Gore vs Cleveland. Thanks bro! – Martin
Definitely Gore. Start your studs every week even if the match-up is a bit off. Pittsburgh is still a good defense, not the best anymore, but not a favorable match-up by any means.

What do you think about me trading Jonathan Stewart for Marshawn Lynch and Colt McCoy? – Isaac
It’s alright. Rather have J. Stew over either considering Lynch isn’t exactly a lock to be healthy this season (back injuries don’t go away) and McCoy hasn’t been anything special, just average at best.

Would you take Torrey Smith over Reggie Wayne this week? Thanks. – Shane
Yes I would. Really like Smith this week. My guess this is that he will have his final ‘breakout’ game this year. This isn’t a traditional safe pick, but it isn’t like Reggie Wayne is going to give you a great fantasy day anyways.

Greetings, who do I start: Pierre Thomas or Mark Ingram (at STL)… (non PPR)? – Alberto
Still sticking with Ingram in non-PPR leagues. Thomas more a higher value in PPR formats but Ingram should get the bulk of the carries and, in theory, goal line situation priority.


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Week 7: Seven Questions

Rashard Mendenhall

Mendenhall is back in the discussion of NFL studs after his week 6 performance.

Big bye-week means big questions. By far the highest volume of questions to date and over half of them mentioned either Tim Tebow, DeMarco Murray, or Montario Hardesty. Not really a big surprise. However, if you picked up Murray or Hardesty for this week then you are starting them. No point of picking them up and having them ride your bench unless you are in a crazy deep league. As for Tebow, he would always be a match-up play his first week as a starter and his match-up is rock solid for week 7. The Dolphins are 31st in the league against the pass. Tebow should be started with confidence.

Time for seven questions for week 7.

I am struggling this season and need some help! I have Daniel Thomas and was wondering if I should try and pick up Reggie Bush off waivers or pick up DeMarco Murray? I’m 1-5 and need to win the next few weeks to have any hope of playoffs. Thanks for the help. – Michael
It’s gotta be DeMarco Murray over both of them. He stands the greatest chance of producing in week 7 but his long term outlook obviously isn’t that great. Daniel Thomas is the safer bet in Miami but it could go either way. Bush has never been a very useful fantasy asset so no reason to think he becomes one now.

Jonathan Stewart, Maurice Morris, Montario Hardesty, Ryan Grant, DeMarco Murray are on waivers. Im leaning toward DeMarco Murray. What do you think? – Eugene
I would lean towards Murray as well. He isn’t a clear cut must start but he doesn’t feel bad to start like Jonathan Stewart. Maurice Morris is attached to an awful Lions running game. Montario Hardesty is up against the Seahawks, who are only allowing 3.1 yards per rush on the year. And Ryan Grant hasn’t been able to get anything going this year and Starks is the guy you want there.

Who wins this 1 for 1 trade? J. Stewart for Marshawn Lynch? – Tom
Lynch wins it but only ever so slightly. Stewart could easily outscore Lynch on any given week. Neither have a great situation but odds are Lynch is going to get more touches which is important for a back.

Is Palmer gonna be the real deal in Oakland or no? – Adam
No one knows to be honest. Palmer hasn’t played in the NFL in 2011 so he could be better then ever or a complete bust. Either way, we will know after this week. He is a very interesting gamble though during week 7.

Am I crazy to start Torain over MJD? He has been consistent all year but he’s going up agains BAL D (who I also have) I still think he’ll get me 8 or 9 pts but not much more. I like Torain’s match up since Carolina can’t stop anything. Also since Beck is starting I think they will be better all around giving Torain more room to run. – Jimmy
You aren’t crazy, but Torain had a favorable match-up last week and he did horribly. If you make that move just temper expectations. My recommendation would be to stay with MJD as they are going to be forced to run, they have no passing game.

Hey I picked Tebow off wavier when I first heard he was named the starter. I have Matt Schaub as my starter in week 7 but with Andre Johnson out I feel his fantasy value is down. Do you think I should still start him or throw Tebow in there on his first start. Hes just one of those high risk, high reward type guy. – Trent
He is and I am a huge fan of high risk high reward. My recommendation is play your match-up. If you need some stellar fantasy day (as in you are an underdog) you’d probably have to go Schaub as he could possibly put up 3tds and 300 yards. Otherwise it’s completely on you about how risky you would want to be. I’m starting Tebow personally over Big Ben in a couple of leagues if that helps.

In a non-PPR league, I need to start 2 RB’s of these 4: Rashard Mendenhall, DeMarco Murray, Marshawn Lynch, Montario Hardesty. – Steve
Mendy and Murray. Depending on who you talk to they may say Hardesty, but Murray has a much better match-up (Rams) then Hardesty (Seahawks). If you picked up Murray you may as well use him anyways. I am also not exactly a believer in Marshawn Lynch. He hasn’t eclipsed 100 yards yet this year and has only a small handful of good runs. Not starting him until I see consistency.


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Kregg Lumpkin

The point I’d like to make is why no love for Kregg Lumpkin? Lumpkin is Tampa Bay’s back-up RB and is a work horse similar to Blount. He has a run-through-you style of play. Earnest Graham is expected to get a majority of the workload, but don’t be surprised if Mr. Lumpkin is a top-25 play this week.

Alright, and to those questions.

Do I keep Knowshow on the roster hoping he becomes a fantasy hero down the road, should the Jacksons fail me, or should I drop him for Battle. – Jeff
Well it appears Knowshon has lost the job for good. He will still get touches but closer to 5 a week then 20 which isn’t enough to be a valuable fantasy contributor. Jackie Battle has had one good game; personally I’m buying into him being a solid RB2 the rest of the season but he could turn out to be a bust. It’s frankly amazing the Chiefs can’t figure out how to use McCluster.

How do you feel about starting Schaub this week against Baltimore? – Trandoken
The weakness of the Baltimore defense is their secondary. It hasn’t truly showed yet but other then Ed Reed there aren’t any play makers so I would stick with Schaub.

Baldwin, Breaston, Heywerd-Bey, Gaffney, and Jenkins who should I add? – Chris-
This is probably the most common question all week for me. My order has been:

  1. DHB
  2. Baldwin
  3. Breaston
  4. Gaffney
  5. Jenkins

I believe in the upside of DHB as the most important factor when comparing him to the others.

Who should i start this week, Delone Carter vs CIN (If Addai can`t go) or DeAngelo Williams vs ATL? – Robert
Pretty simple decision for me, go with Williams. Atlanta’s defense leaves a lot to be had and Cincinnati is actually above average at stopping the run. In limited action Carter hasn’t looked strong anyways.

Would it be worth trading Sidney Rice for DeAngelo Williams? I’d like to improve at RB but unsure whether this would really do much other than assure I get points from Carolina’s highly inconsistent run game – Tom
I would absolutely make that trade. Going forward Rice has a really poor QB situation and now the emergence of Doug Baldwin.

Last week someone in my league gave up on Green-Ellis. I have 1st pick in waivers. Should I get him or Battle. Thanks. – Ron
Wow. Touch call. BJGE is attached to a better team but Battle has the best chance to be the ‘work horse’ of the group. I’d stick with BJGE as he at least has some proven games and Battle had the one. But if you are already deep at RB take a chance on Battle if you can afford to let him sit and have no expectations attached to him.

Would you drop Ridley for Montario Hardesty or *gulp* Ryan Grant? – Bruce
Well if you are completely thin at RB then you’d have to take a flyer on Ryan Grant. Earnest Graham and Kregg Lumpkin (both RB for TB) are interesting pick-ups this week as well to look into.


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Rashard Mendenhall

The greatest thing about fantasy sports is the unknown. One of the biggest concerns most people have going into week 5 is that they drafted a team full of big name players (Charles, P. Manning, A. Johnson, Miles Austin, and Kenny Britt) and are now 0-4 in their leagues and are really in must-win situations. This is why they play the game. Week 5 has really been about the start of bye-weeks and the continuing trend of a top-5 guy at his position going down. This week it was Andre Johnson. Johnson owners have to be worried as the Texans don’t have a bye-week until week 11. You could also make an argument Rashard Mendenhall was a stud to go down, but he really hadn’t shown us anything to this point other then a one or two above average runs. But what about those questions? Have at it.


Hey I love your blog, I’ve got one quick question: who should i start at flex, Mike Tolbert, Nate Washington, or percy harvin? – Ben

Glad you like the blog! There is a major difference between PPR and non-PPR leagues. In a PPR league I am going with Tolbert and in non-PPR leagues I am leaning towards Harvin over Washington simply by match-up. Washington is going to have to deal with Troy Polamalu over the top.

My division has 8 teams. Could you give me your 1-8 for the first round draft in my second half draft. -Rob

Absolutely.  AP, Rice, McFadden, Brady, McCoy, Foster, Rodgers, and Calvin Johnson.

Who is a better pickup for RB depth…Ridley or Torain?  -Glen

Both running backs offer similar upsides and downsides with Ridley likely being  more valuable to own. Torain has more resale value after use (assuming he remains the guy). Decide which is more important to you and act accordingly. Can’t feel overly confident about a RB from either team.

Should i go with Beanie Wells or Michael turner this week? – Adam

Go with the hot hand and roll with Beanie Wells. Turner just isn’t the same this year. The big concern with Beanie going into any year is his injury history. Assuming he stays healthy he is a top-5 back all year. The next RB on the depth chart is LaRod Stephens-Howling; no one is taking the job from Beanie any time soon (ever).

Do you think Vick is worth keeping or would you go with someone like Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. Its a one qb league. – Mike

Vick is head and shoulders above Ryan and Flacco. Even if he only performs at 70% of his production last year he is still a top 8 QB; Ryan and Flacco probably do not finish in the top 10.

For a WR I need to choose 1 of the following to start – David Nelson, Pierre Garcon, Lance Moore, or Victor Cruz? – Chris

Out of those four at WR you are starting David Nelson. Garcon is attached to Curtis Painter (8 targets 2 receptions, albeit TD’s), Lance Moore is the 3rd receiver and 5th option on plays, and Victor Cruz is still trying to establish where he fits on the Giants option. If he is the no. 3 receiver, his value is quite low.

Who would you start between Mark Ingram and Tolbert as a #2 RB non-ppr? I already have Peterson starting and Felix Jones has a bye week! – Antonio

I would start Tolbert in all formats over Ingram. Tolbert is going to see more touches and is much more explosive. The Saint’s are a pass first team and Tolbert is in on passing downs.


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